Sondra: HNS follower turned HNS Model

sandra holtz igMeet Sondra: She’s a kick ass 28 year-old dispatcher for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department in San Diego, CA!  Over the last few years she has undergone a rollercoaster of transformations. She has gone from being over 300 pounds to dropping 100 to gaining 60 back and finally to where she’s at now, which she considers a “happy medium.”

She was recently selected as a winner of our HNS model search and got to share her story with us at our photo shoot in Venice Beach, CA. Read her inspiring interview with us and what she wants to share with our followers!: (more…)


Let’s Talk: The pressure to be thin

Why is society still pressing that one has to be thin in order to be healthy? Being thing doesn’t necessarily mean one is healthy just as being larger doesn’t make one unhealthy (and vice versa). There are healthy and unhealthy people of all shapes and sizes. Our follower Molly Sklare shared with us that, “It’s not a healthy mindset for people to have that there’s only one body type that’s okay. There’s no way for everyone to have the exact same body type and somehow that’s still the expectation.”

So let’s talk about the pressure to be thin? (more…)

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Let’s Talk: Judgements made against your body

Why is it that we have to look a certain way in order to considered healthy by society’s standards? What does health or fitness actually look like? Health and fitness looks different on every body, but for years we’ve received programming through TV commercials and magazine ads that teach us health has a particular size and shape. Our follower Kiran Singh wants us to change the conversation and stop casting judgement on those who don’t look like society’s ideal of health and fitness. Instead, she wants us to stand together and support one another in our respective journeys to self love and health.


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We’re Changing the Conversation

Over the past few years, we have seen the body positive movement shift from a small community of self-love endorsers to companies jumping on the bandwagon but only to promote aspects they deem marketable. We wan’t to reiterate by saying that self love is NOT a fad. This is a lifestyle and we want to change the conversation by taking back the power from large advertisers and putting that power in the hands of our followers.

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Meet HNS Follower Turned HNS Model: Briana

ig4Meet Briana: She is a holistic health coach and plant based chef from Los Angeles, CA. and she has been a contributor to our blog since September 2015. Read more about her involvement and modeling gig with HNS:

 How did you hear about HNS?

I saw Katie’s Interview on Chalkboard Magazine

What was your first impression about our movement?

I was so excited to see that someone was really focusing on body image in a way I hadn’t seen before.

 What made you want to get more involved with our message?

As a health coach, this is a huge part of the work I do. Helping people become healthier in mind, body, and soul and reminding them it’s not about being “skinny”, it’s about being healthy and that looks different for each and every one of us and we have to find what works for us. There is a very big emotional component to the work I do and part of that is teaching self love and self care understanding that I AM ENOUGH no matter what. I think the message you are sending it beautiful and SO incredibly needed in this social media, online world where we all can suffer from comparison more so than in the past.

 What was your first HNS modeling experience like?

I felt silly but had a great time. I used to work in production for 18 years so I’m used to being the one behind the camera, not usually in front. 🙂

 How did you feel being asked to model for HNS?

I felt honored. Since I’ve begun contributing for HNS I love that I was able to be a part of an HNS campaign.

 Did you have any concerns prior to your shoot?

I have limited choices in apparel at the moment so I was nervous that I wouldn’t have anything appropriate to wear.

 How did you overcome those concerns?

Just took what I had and said to myself, whatever I have is enough.

 How did you feel leaving our shoot?

Great! It was so nice meeting everyone involved with HNS!

 What do you want to say about standards set by the beauty industry?

They are unrealistic and don’t represent most of us girls and women. I find it in the wellness industry too and I think they make people feel like they need to be able to not only be stick thin but that you have to have a lot of money to get there by taking all these fancy, celebrity workout classes, eating/drinking $100 tonics and supplements, having green juices every day, etc. There is so much we can do each day that doesn’t cost anything that is great for our wellbeing and I want to focus more on the simple, day to day things we can do for our health. There isn’t enough focus on connection and community as a huge contributor to our happiness, which contributes to our health, wellbeing and ultimately our inner & outer beauty!

 Is there anything you want to tell our followers?

I know it may sound trite but beauty really does start within. Being grateful every day no matter life’s circumstances leads to greater joy which leads to happiness which leads to outward glowing beauty that is contagious!

Follow Briana for recipes and daily inspiration here:






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