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Let’s Talk: The pressure to be thin

Why is society still pressing that one has to be thin in order to be healthy? Being thing doesn’t necessarily mean one is healthy just as being larger doesn’t make one unhealthy (and vice versa). There are healthy and unhealthy people of all shapes and sizes. Our follower Molly Sklare shared with us that, “It’s not a healthy mindset for people to have that there’s only one body type that’s okay. There’s no way for everyone to have the exact same body type and somehow that’s still the expectation.”

So let’s talk about the pressure to be thin? (more…)

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Let’s Talk: Judgements made against your body

Why is it that we have to look a certain way in order to considered healthy by society’s standards? What does health or fitness actually look like? Health and fitness looks different on every body, but for years we’ve received programming through TV commercials and magazine ads that teach us health has a particular size and shape. Our follower Kiran Singh wants us to change the conversation and stop casting judgement on those who don’t look like society’s ideal of health and fitness. Instead, she wants us to stand together and support one another in our respective journeys to self love and health.


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We’re Changing the Conversation

Over the past few years, we have seen the body positive movement shift from a small community of self-love endorsers to companies jumping on the bandwagon but only to promote aspects they deem marketable. We wan’t to reiterate by saying that self love is NOT a fad. This is a lifestyle and we want to change the conversation by taking back the power from large advertisers and putting that power in the hands of our followers.

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Meet Diana: HNS Follower Turned HNS Model

March Banner - Meet Diana

Meet Diana: She is a 25 year old student from Southern California. She began her journey with HNS one year ago at our first Re-Model Me event. Since then, she has participated in several HNS events and recently modeled our new line of swimwear. See what she has to say about being a part of our movement!


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Model Melinda Brady Shows us that Beauty is Timeless


We’ve all heard the phrase “age is nothing but a number.” If this is so, why is it that the media neglects to represent something that is such a natural and universal process such as getting older? Why is it that we only see the faces of 20-somethings or the heavily airbrushed faces of 30, 40, 50-somethings?

As women, as humans, our true worth cannot be expressed in a numerical value. Whether that be weight, height, the size of our breasts, the circumference of our waist, and especially not our age.



Frustration: When your body holds you back

laura collage




the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.


I think that everyone has experienced frustration at some point in their lives. It’s natural to get frustrated at your characteristics, your looks, your body, your features – we all do it. It’s one of the many flaws of the human race. It’s far from healthy, but sadly, it is a trait that so many of us battle with on a daily basis. Over the years, growing up, I have been aware of stuff in the media about losing weight and “improving your body.” I have watched the TV programs ’10 Years Younger’and ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’. However, the people that are featured in the media, in weight loss advertising campaigns and on special TV series, all have one thing that I don’t: the ability to push my body to exercise in ways required to stay fit and healthy. (more…)


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