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We’re Changing the Conversation

Over the past few years, we have seen the body positive movement shift from a small community of self-love endorsers to companies jumping on the bandwagon but only to promote aspects they deem marketable. We wan’t to reiterate by saying that self love is NOT a fad. This is a lifestyle and we want to change the conversation by taking back the power from large advertisers and putting that power in the hands of our followers.

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Creating a Healthy Social Media Feed


It’s quite obvious nowadays that advertisements are continuously being shoved in our faces. I don’t even need to bring up any statistics or profound quotes to prove that what we are being advertised isn’t always sending us beneficial messaging. If anything, the messages we receive on a daily basis sound somewhat like “You’re too fat, you need more curves, you’re not good enough, nip this, tuck that.” Am I right? Seriously though—think about it. (more…)

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Model Melinda Brady Shows us that Beauty is Timeless


We’ve all heard the phrase “age is nothing but a number.” If this is so, why is it that the media neglects to represent something that is such a natural and universal process such as getting older? Why is it that we only see the faces of 20-somethings or the heavily airbrushed faces of 30, 40, 50-somethings?

As women, as humans, our true worth cannot be expressed in a numerical value. Whether that be weight, height, the size of our breasts, the circumference of our waist, and especially not our age.



3 Ways To Buffer Against Beauty Ideals

beauty idealsWe are in a busy and media-saturated , pop-culture obsessed culture! We love checking in with Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope because we can keep up with our real and virtual friends on all that they are doing, literally every second of the day. And, if we are being honest with ourselves, we hate checking in with Facebook, Instagram, and Perisocope for these same reasons. There is also something appealing about being able to keep up with our favorite celebrities, down to their sweaty selfies and even the veggies they had for dinner. We know that we are not true friends with them, but why does it feel satisfying to know the specifics about where they are and what they are doing? We know it’s a little creepy, yet we can’t help ourselves!

For many clients I have worked with, we have recognized that social media use has contributed to some negative side effects, including negative body image, lack of self care, and experiencing constant comparisons with those around us (and feeling less than). We can also experience a FOMO-attitude, that is, the fear of missing out since well, our entire Facebook friend list seems to be going on vacations, hanging with their kids (happily, of course!), working out, and always having fun (why aren’t we?)! Due to these reasons, it is important to identify if excessive time on social media sites, popular magazines, or on various apps are truly fulfilling you, or simply filling your time. Here are three signs that it may be time to push the log off button and shut down your devices: (more…)

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