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Nutrition 101 with Kelly LeVeque

Healthy is the New Skinny has teamed up with health experts in a variety of fields and we want to share with you tips for living a healthy, happy lifestyle!

We’d like to introduce our HNS board member Kelly LeVeque:

Kelly LeVeque is a Los Angeles based nutritionist and founder of Be Well by Kelly! She is passionate about nutrition and wants to help us become more knowledgable on how to nourish our bodies. We will be sharing Kelly’s recipes and insights into what healthy eating looks like in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips from Kelly!

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When I was 15 years old, the bars at my gymnastics gym collapsed when a bolt that was anchoring them into the ground sheared off. I was doing giants, a full swing around the high bar, when this happened. My head landed on the mats, but the rest of my body hit the concrete floor off to the side. I was told not to move. The ambulance was called, the medics strapped me to a board and took me to the hospital. Luckily, my body is solid and I have dense bones. I escaped from that freak accident with only intense bruises. One of my fellow gymnast’s mom was working in the ER when I came in. She was part of the team of people that helped to transfer the board that I was strapped to from the ambulance’s gurney and onto a hospital bed. After I recovered, she told me, “We did not expect you to be so heavy!” My shocked face led her to follow up with “That’s a good thing. You have lots of muscle.” (more…)

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Amanda Blog

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. The last month has been really rough on me emotionally. Rehab. My mom is in rehab. There are things that you never imagined you’d say, and even more so never imagined you’d need. My mom has a disease. Her addiction has been eating her alive for a little over a decade. I’ve been prepared since I was 16 to come home and find her dead, when I finally was on my own, I was prepared to get the call that she was dead. Instead, it’s beginning to look like my mother will be lucky enough to have a rebirth. To truly find herself and who she is again. (more…)

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