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My First Topless 5K

DSC_0060My mom, best friend, and I decided on a Monday that we were going to do a 5K on that Thursday which also happened to be Thanksgiving Day. There are some pretty amazing things I should point out from that one sentence alone, but I will move on. I wanted to use this race to move past another hurdle I have always struggled with. Jiggling. (more…)


Traveling and Staying Fit: A Few Tips From The Road


I can’t lie, I’m not the best at sticking to a travel workout plan. In the last 18 months being on the road, my longest stop anywhere was in London this summer – and that was even just a few weeks at a time. But it’s less my home life that becomes the challenge, but more the day-to-day lifestyle of being a touring singer. And it ranges, from long travel days with limited food options on planes and in airports, to extended days at the concert venue – that can be ramped with decadent catering and after-show hangouts. But as with lot of things, there’s balance and discipline. And employing a few strict rules to my lifestyle, keeps me healthy and show ready, whether I’m up or down a few pounds. (more…)

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Girl Gang Hang: San Jacinto Mountain Hike

IMG_8964We kicked off our series of Girl Gang Hangs this Sunday with a hike up San Jacinto Mountain with a goal of reaching the peak. The air was crisp and chilly as we arrived at the mountain. Excitement flowed through the air as we walked to the tram to meet with our Girl Gang. With a total of 13 ladies and two men at all different fitness levels, we made a plan to stick together and trek as far up as we could. But first, we rode the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to reach the trails. (more…)

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When I was 15 years old, the bars at my gymnastics gym collapsed when a bolt that was anchoring them into the ground sheared off. I was doing giants, a full swing around the high bar, when this happened. My head landed on the mats, but the rest of my body hit the concrete floor off to the side. I was told not to move. The ambulance was called, the medics strapped me to a board and took me to the hospital. Luckily, my body is solid and I have dense bones. I escaped from that freak accident with only intense bruises. One of my fellow gymnast’s mom was working in the ER when I came in. She was part of the team of people that helped to transfer the board that I was strapped to from the ambulance’s gurney and onto a hospital bed. After I recovered, she told me, “We did not expect you to be so heavy!” My shocked face led her to follow up with “That’s a good thing. You have lots of muscle.” (more…)

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