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Traveling and Staying Fit: A Few Tips From The Road


I can’t lie, I’m not the best at sticking to a travel workout plan. In the last 18 months being on the road, my longest stop anywhere was in London this summer – and that was even just a few weeks at a time. But it’s less my home life that becomes the challenge, but more the day-to-day lifestyle of being a touring singer. And it ranges, from long travel days with limited food options on planes and in airports, to extended days at the concert venue – that can be ramped with decadent catering and after-show hangouts. But as with lot of things, there’s balance and discipline. And employing a few strict rules to my lifestyle, keeps me healthy and show ready, whether I’m up or down a few pounds. (more…)

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Hello from The Holiday Girl!


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Hi Readers!

It is my pleasure to join Healthy Is The New Skinny as your regular travel blogger. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a regular writing gig, but I find myself in far off lands often writing blogs in my head – things like, tips for easier travel, the benefits of talking to strangers or describing some really cool part of a city that I’ve happened upon. Yes, I talk to myself all the time – in my head mostly though. And odd as it may sound, I actually think it’s one of the healthiest things a person can do – know your own voice in the midst of all of the noise going on around you. I can’t say that before I began traveling, I could always distinguish between my voice from peers, family or the media. But being an avid solo traveler, often I’m the only one to talk to. The flip side is that, I’m also the only one to listen. (more…)

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