Let’s Talk: Judgements made against your body

Why is it that we have to look a certain way in order to considered healthy by society’s standards? What does health or fitness actually look like? Health and fitness looks different on every body, but for years we’ve received programming through TV commercials and magazine ads that teach us health has a particular size and shape. Our follower Kiran Singh wants us to change the conversation and stop casting judgement on those who don’t look like society’s ideal of health and fitness. Instead, she wants us to stand together and support one another in our respective journeys to self love and health.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all received judgements about our bodies. To be completely honest, we’ve probably made judgements on someone else’s body at some point in our lives, too (yes, it happens, we’re human). The important thing is to become aware that we’ve made judgements and identify where we went wrong and where these feelings are coming from. Why do we feel this way about our bodies and why are we prone to judging other people’s bodies?

Our goal at Healthy is the New Skinny is to help teach self-awareness. Once we are aware of our bodies and how the media has played a large role in how we view ourselves and others, we can work towards creating an all-inclusive community of people who are supportive of one another no matter where they are in their journey.

Think of all the fitness commercials, health magazines, and fitspo posts you’ve ever seen. Chances are, they’ve consisted of a size two model in a tight workout clothes who is tanned and incredibly toned or an oiled up dude with shredded abs. We’ve seen these images over and over again to the point where this is what we pass off as “the norm.” So what happens when we see a normal woman of the average american size (14) working out at the gym? Our first impression might probably be negative. It doesn’t necessarily make you us bad person, it just shows how deeply tainted we are due to media messaging.

So let’s change that!

Join us by learning more about media manipulation at our next presentation. We will be headlining Girl’s Night Out in Agoura Hills, CA on Friday, May 6th.

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Samantha J. Quintanar is the executive assistant for Healthy is the New Skinny. She is a writer, theater geek, rock ‘n’ roll wild child, and occasional pinup model. After struggling with body image for several years, she decided to begin her journey to self love and share her own experiences mixed with wit and sarcasm to help inspire those around her. As an advocate for body positivity, she hopes to change the way women view themselves as well as one another. Quintanar identifies as a strong Latina woman and hopes to empower the women of her community to rise up against unattainable beauty standards in today’s culture. She is currently working towards her M.A. in communications from Gonzaga University.

Social media: Instagram: @samanthavonsinn

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