Let’s Talk: The pressure to be thin

Why is society still pressing that one has to be thin in order to be healthy? Being thing doesn’t necessarily mean one is healthy just as being larger doesn’t make one unhealthy (and vice versa). There are healthy and unhealthy people of all shapes and sizes. Our follower Molly Sklare shared with us that, “It’s not a healthy mindset for people to have that there’s only one body type that’s okay. There’s no way for everyone to have the exact same body type and somehow that’s still the expectation.”

So let’s talk about the pressure to be thin?

The weather is heating up and you know what that means. This is the time of year people begin obsessing about being “summer ready” or “beach body ready.” It kinda makes you wonder, how is this still a thing? That’s because the beauty spends so much money in advertising pressing these images that promote what “the perfect body” looks like and people still devour it. As long as people are still consuming these messages, the industry will continue to produce them because self-loathing and the pressure to be thin is profitable. The consumption of these products and advertisements present the notion that health looks a certain way and anyone who doesn’t fall into that category is not healthy.

The more people start to question harmful media messaging, the more awareness can be brought to the issue that health does not have a body type and pressure associated with looking thin will diminish.


In her video entry to us, Molly says, “Health is very personal and our health is our own. You can’t tell what someone’s health is by looking at them. Our health is not solely defined by how much we weigh.”

We could not agree more.

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