Traveling and Staying Fit: A Few Tips From The Road


I can’t lie, I’m not the best at sticking to a travel workout plan. In the last 18 months being on the road, my longest stop anywhere was in London this summer – and that was even just a few weeks at a time. But it’s less my home life that becomes the challenge, but more the day-to-day lifestyle of being a touring singer. And it ranges, from long travel days with limited food options on planes and in airports, to extended days at the concert venue – that can be ramped with decadent catering and after-show hangouts. But as with lot of things, there’s balance and discipline. And employing a few strict rules to my lifestyle, keeps me healthy and show ready, whether I’m up or down a few pounds.

In The Air:

Drink Water:

Pre-Flight: For longer flights, grab an extra large bottle in the terminal and tuck it in your seat back pocket.

During Meal Service: Even if having a cocktail or wine during meal service, always ask for the glass of water as well. Avoid caffeine at all costs while flying.

Between Meals: Crack open your water bottle every time you wake-up. If you’re up watching the in-flight entertainment, be sure to take a long gulp after every other episode or after every film.

Vegan Meals: You’ll be sitting for a while on a long haul flight. So enjoy a vegan or vegetarian meal that usually chock-full of alternative sources of protein. I choose vegan usually to avoid cheesy pasta “vegetarian” options.

On the Ground:

Sleep: Naturally, of course. If traveling long distances, try to naturally adjust your body clock by sleeping later if you’re losing time, or sleeping earlier, if you’re going ahead.  

Run ASAP: One of the best ways to reset your clock is to go for a run or a swim as soon as you arrive in the new time zone.

Breakfast is Queen – Even if your day is going to be jam packed, having breakfast will get your metabolism going and will make you alert for the day ahead. It will also set your body’s expectation for meals throughout the day. If you’re staying in a hotel, be sure to grab an extra piece of fruit for your mid-morning snack. Bananas are my favorite pick.

Continue Drinking Water: In my opinion, it should be illegal for hotels to charge for water. But, alas, that’s a losing battle. When in doubt, hold on to your bottle from the plane and head to the gym for a free refill. They usually have apple or oranges available, as well. So help yourself to one for later.

Revolving Tips:

Enjoy your rituals – Whatever it may be that helps you set your day, make time for it. I personally enjoy a long breakfast and will make time in the morning for it. It allows me to have time to think about nothing before double-checking my to-do list for the day. For others it’s a run or a nice long shower. Whatever it is, be sure that you’re mind is properly set for a win-win type of day.

Get active before a show – Find anything that will get you

Meditation: I practice Transcendental Meditation and use the app Equanimity to keep track of each session. I don’t always meditate, but it comes in handy when I’ve got insomnia or anxiety due to a packed schedule.

Online Fitness – I subscribe to Yogi’s Anonymous. With more than 1000 yoga videos of all levels and focuses, I can continue to stay strong even if I don’t have a ton of space or time to shower after a cardio session.

Nike+ Training Club App for Women – A no-brainer app that gives you a ton of choice for challenging and engaging workouts, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Some require small apparatus workout equipment and others don’t, making this a fully flexible option as long as you have a little space. Hook it up to your favorite workout playlist and get active. You can keep up your accountability with friends by sharing your completed workouts. Download for free, Nike+ Training Club.

In Personal NTC: If you’ve got time in the evening, google Nike NTC Training Class for your city to register for a free training session. This is a great option if you’re traveling alone. You can see new locations within a city and meet other like-minded women while working out.


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