Meet HNS Follower Turned HNS Model: Melia

ig3Meet Melia! She is 34 years old from Silver City, New Mexico. After being selected as an HNS model, she flew out to LA to meet us an participate in her first photo shoot. Read more about her experience with HNS:

What do you do?

I founded and direct a women’s ministry called BRAVE Ministries, our goal is to provide free women’s conferences to women in poverty and rural areas of the country. I occasionally help with preschool kiddos and I also coach women that struggle with emotional eating a binging disorders as I struggled with that most of my life, empowering women is my passion!

How did you hear about HNS?

I had just started the process to completely give up chronic dieting and I wanted to surround myself with like minded media. I use to scroll through my Instagram feed with women that basically helped me feed lies about who I was. I knew I needed to change my influence so I did my research and found HNS online!

What was your first impression about our movement?

I felt like I had FINALLY found something REAL, authentic and encouraging in the media and industry world, something I could actually be inspired with and not shamed by.

What made you want to get more involved with our message?

Because I needed this message and I knew there are tons of women out there that needed it too.

I actually found HNS online because I was curious about curve modeling agencies and found Natural Models LA. I was completely inspired by the company’s vision. I was interested in modeling when I was younger but was told I wasn’t thin enough. That left a lasting impression on me for years. For so much of my life I thought that if I was thin enough I would finally be “validated” within the industry. Once I changed my mindset and saw the beautiful woman God created I actually came home from work one day and had my husband take pictures of me for Natural Models LA because I finally knew my worth…

THAT was my validation, THAT was the main event not the HNS photo shoot.

I planned on the agency not contacting me because that wasn’t the point. The point was, I was showing myself that I was enough and THAT’S what women like myself need to experience and see, I think this company can help do that.

What was your first HNS modeling experience like?

It was AMAZING. There is a sisterhood and family type atmosphere exuded and the team helped me feel completely comfortable. It was so encouraging to know I was surrounded by women that had a passion and stories similar to my own. It was such an awesome environment to cultivate some really cool friendships!

How did you feel being asked to model for HNS?

Totally SHOCKED and excited.

Did you have any concerns prior to your shoot?

Heck YES! I was worried about my age LOL, my TOTAL lack of experience and I had recently gained some weight during recovery…I was extremely nervous.

HNS Girls Product Shoot 16FEB20162542 (1)How did you overcome those concerns?

I had to remind myself that a photo shoot didn’t prove my worth…I thought all my life that approval and acceptance equaled unconditional love. I also had to constantly remind myself that my validation and who I truly was, was already in tacked and that this photo shoot was just icing on the cake!

How did you feel leaving our shoot?

Completely empowered and proud!! Not only of myself but that I was able to be a part of a movement that is SO needed in todays society.

What do you want to say about standards set by the beauty industry?

It’s LIES! Beauty truly is on the inside. I love that this campaign can see that and seeks to drown out all the lies out there that damage so many women and girls.

Is there anything you want to tell our followers?

Anything that makes you feel the type of shame that says there is something deeply wrong with you, or that your unlovable as you ARE is something you NEED to walk away from. Educate yourself, seek truth for your life and then surround yourself with it!

 Follow Melia:

Instagram: @meliamoore

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