Nutrition 101 with Kelly LeVeque

Healthy is the New Skinny has teamed up with health experts in a variety of fields and we want to share with you tips for living a healthy, happy lifestyle!

We’d like to introduce our HNS board member Kelly LeVeque:

Kelly LeVeque is a Los Angeles based nutritionist and founder of Be Well by Kelly! She is passionate about nutrition and wants to help us become more knowledgable on how to nourish our bodies. We will be sharing Kelly’s recipes and insights into what healthy eating looks like in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips from Kelly!

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Meet Diana: HNS Follower Turned HNS Model

March Banner - Meet Diana

Meet Diana: She is a 25 year old student from Southern California. She began her journey with HNS one year ago at our first Re-Model Me event. Since then, she has participated in several HNS events and recently modeled our new line of swimwear. See what she has to say about being a part of our movement!


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Creating a Healthy Social Media Feed


It’s quite obvious nowadays that advertisements are continuously being shoved in our faces. I don’t even need to bring up any statistics or profound quotes to prove that what we are being advertised isn’t always sending us beneficial messaging. If anything, the messages we receive on a daily basis sound somewhat like “You’re too fat, you need more curves, you’re not good enough, nip this, tuck that.” Am I right? Seriously though—think about it. (more…)

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