Model Melinda Brady Shows us that Beauty is Timeless


We’ve all heard the phrase “age is nothing but a number.” If this is so, why is it that the media neglects to represent something that is such a natural and universal process such as getting older? Why is it that we only see the faces of 20-somethings or the heavily airbrushed faces of 30, 40, 50-somethings?

As women, as humans, our true worth cannot be expressed in a numerical value. Whether that be weight, height, the size of our breasts, the circumference of our waist, and especially not our age.



Frustration: When your body holds you back

laura collage




the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.


I think that everyone has experienced frustration at some point in their lives. It’s natural to get frustrated at your characteristics, your looks, your body, your features – we all do it. It’s one of the many flaws of the human race. It’s far from healthy, but sadly, it is a trait that so many of us battle with on a daily basis. Over the years, growing up, I have been aware of stuff in the media about losing weight and “improving your body.” I have watched the TV programs ’10 Years Younger’and ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’. However, the people that are featured in the media, in weight loss advertising campaigns and on special TV series, all have one thing that I don’t: the ability to push my body to exercise in ways required to stay fit and healthy. (more…)


A little dose of food science

dose makes a poison

Our bodies are full of chemicals–mostly Carbon, but a heck of a lot of di-hydrogen monoxide. Chemicals make up who we are. Serotonin, for example, makes us happy! Chemicals have a variety of uses in our day to day lives. Chemicals such as citric acid and sodium bicarbonate help to preserve our food! (more…)

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Vegan Recipe: Herbed Tofu “Feta”

tofu feta ingredients measured out

Did you know that 75% of the population is lactose intolerant? Most of us don’t have the proper enzymes to break down the lactose found in dairy, which is why our bellies are doubled over in pain after a glass of milk or a few pieces of cheese. (more…)

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My First Topless 5K

DSC_0060My mom, best friend, and I decided on a Monday that we were going to do a 5K on that Thursday which also happened to be Thanksgiving Day. There are some pretty amazing things I should point out from that one sentence alone, but I will move on. I wanted to use this race to move past another hurdle I have always struggled with. Jiggling. (more…)


Positive Energy: Check your crystals!


Energy is in everything, both positive and negative. It is interesting to picture ourselves as little bubbles of energy moving throughout the day. The energy that we exude has the ability to affect the people and things around us so from time to time, it is important to think about what type of energy we are putting off into the world. (more…)

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White Bean Hummus with Fresh Herbs

white bean hummus


Makes approximately 1 ½ cups

Hummus is one of those foods we usually don’t bother making ourselves because it’s so quick and easy to buy at the grocery store or farmer’s market. I get it. I do it too.

Problem is, most store-bought hummus contains all kinds of additives and preservatives to keep its shelf life. When you make it from scratch, you know exactly what’s in it – just delicious, whole-food ingredients. Plus, you get the satisfaction of having made it yourself! (more…)

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body image meditation

Mark your calendars for our next Girl Gang Hang!

This is the season of giving and we want to give you the tools to healing and self-love! Join us for an afternoon of meditation and healing as we reach within ourselves to find the root of our struggles with body image.  (more…)


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